D5.1 Personal health system backend platform design

The HeartMan system aims at implementing a Personal Health System (PHS) to help Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients to manage their disease. This can be accomplished through several components deployed in the mobile ecosystem and in the cloud infrastructure:
 Decision Support System (DSS), in the mobile and in the cloud to provide meaningful advice and recommendations calculated using the medical guidelines provided in D2.1 [1] and existing long-term prediction models and the short-term CHIRON prediction model.
 The monitoring data coming from the sensors gathered through the smartphone and stored in the cloud.
 The clinical data coming from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) provided in standardised formats.
The activities carried out in the task 5.1 deal with the design of the platform to 1) store and manage heterogeneous information coming from the HeartMan subsystems 2) provide continuous integration of the modules through Quality Assurance (QA) and testing, and 3) allow continuous delivery to ease the deployment of the components through configuration management tools.
The HeartMan backend platform must provide flexibility and scalability in terms of hardware and software, so the components can be automatically deployed in the private cloud or in the hospital facilities if needed (platform agnostic). The continuous delivery pipeline allows deploying anytime and anywhere, releasing often and in a stable way to keep not only the project aligned but product aligned. The benefits of this long-term vision are many, like limiting dependencies between services, code consistency and quality.