HeartMan final Event: Self-management for the heart failure

The HeartMan final conference took place on 24th April 2019 in Brussels. Moderated by Tamsin Rose, the conference presented the technology developed, findings from the clinical trial in Belgium and featured a discussion with Petra De Sutter, Belgian Senator (Greens) and Ioana-Maria Gligor, European Commission DG Health, on the political aspects of digital health and self-management technology.

In the European Union, 1.8 million people die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) every year and almost 49 million people live with cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Heart failure is a CVD condition and a major health burden throughout Europe. Prevalence is estimated at 1-2% of the population in developed countries and the costs related to heart failure in the EU are around €29 billion a year. Moreover, due to Europe’s ageing population and the occurrence of multiple conditions, the prevalence of heart failure is set to increase.

HeartMan involved from a very early stage patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and caregivers to identify user requirements for a personal health system and to co-design prototypes. The HeartMan system comprises of a sensing wristband and a mobile application. The system aims to help patients and their informal caregivers to monitor and manage physical activity, nutritional needs, mental state and medication, using data collected through the sensing wristband and manual input. A decision support system interprets all the collected data and offers personalised advice.

A randomized controlled proof-of-concept trial was set up and launched in April 2018 in two countries – Belgium and Italy. Preliminary findings suggest that the HeartMan intervention could have beneficial effects on illness perception and clinical outcomes.

“Becoming a heart patient is a major life change. Suddenly, there are a lot of things to consider in your daily life and it’s not easy to adjust your daily routines to the new reality. The HeartMan system can help you make these changes”, said Luc De Ram, a participant in the Belgian clinical trial.

If you want to know more about HeartMan, download the presentations and the programme of the final conference below and see the project video!

Monday, April 29, 2019