Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) is the main governmental research institution in Italy, and includes over 100 institutes and 10,000 employees. CNR is represented by the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems (ScienceApp).

ScienceApp has the ambition to develop and put in practice a strong cooperative environment able to sustain the excellence through cross fertilization among different disciplines such as physical sciences, life sciences, engineering and artificial intelligence . ScienceApp in its research always has in mind the translational aim toward high-tech applications in various fields such as aerospace, cultural heritages, health, new materials, intelligent fabrication processes, artificial intelligence, functionalized systems and bioinspired research. ScienceApp has solid links with major universities and research centers on local basis but also fruitful cooperations with international institutions. Its strength is based on robust roots in the scientific tradition of the past with more then 50 years of history of Institute of Cybernetics, pursuing with a renovated mission the progresses of sciences. The main location of ScienceApp is in Pozzuoli (Naples). Two research units are in Lecce and Messina. In particular, the Messina Unit focusing on intelligent systems in medicine is interested in the human mind and brain. The ScienceApp Messina Unit combines bioengineering, computational intelligence and neuroscience to study specific aspects of the brain and mind integrating methods and insights from the area of brain research. ScienceApp Messina Unit uses computational modeling, tools and techniques searching to address and answer both fundamental and universal questions about how the brain and mind work. In particular, the Unit develops explicit mathematical models increasingly accurately describing neural processes underlying cognition ranging from descriptions of processes in single neurons to more abstract characterizations of the computation involved in high-level functions such as perception-action cycle and decision-making. Apart from cognitive modeling, the technical competencies of ScienceApp Messina Unit cover the pervasive healthcare, mobile computing, signal processing, Internet of Things, knowledge-based modeling and medical decision support systems, cognitive artificial systems and artefacts, social robotics, and assistive technologies.