SenLab d.o.o.

SenLab is an innovative high-tech company, a developer of enterprising Internet of things (IoT) and M2m mobile and workstation / server sensor solutions in the field of mobile medicine, tele-health solutions, AAL, sport and first response tracking. Our mobile telehealth solutions are used in several EU countries in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and for home-care. SenLab’s key personnel have more than 50 years of experience with mobile (portable) terminals and smartphone development.

Pioneering mobile technology and solutions for clients, enabling them to make the most out of the mobile channel and have a substantial impact on their bottom line remains SenLab primary concern.

SenLab role is adaptation of our modular, scalable and flexible smartphone platform which will connect different type of sensor via selected interface to a smartphone, process collected data, show results and send it to central server. Smartphone platform will be used in several WPs. Because of our business background we will also WP leader for exploitation activities.